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We had been looking for a dream dog for quite a long time and when we discovered the Nederlandse Kooikerhondje breed, we immediately fell in love with it. Thus in May 2019 a cute, funny and cheerful puppy became a part of our family and with a blink of an eye stole our hearts. Excel is an energetic and lively dog. He enjoys long walks, trips outside the city or playing in the garden, forest, by the sea or lake. He is really active and needs a lot of outdoor activities to feel happy. He is also perfect as an everyday companion. He is smart and clever. He learns fast and loves challenges – jumping over obstacles, agility, running after a ball.  Excel is a devoted dog and appreciates time when all the family members are together with him. He is reserved towards people he does not know, but is still friendly. He even accepted our cat. They play and eat together or share the same armchair during an afternoon nap.

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Excel is available to approved females only.

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